Bringing Shalom to the City….

stories from CityTeam International in Oakland, CA

Pics from our Journey

Jerry, one of the oldest CityTeam clients. He is 60 years old, born and raised in Oakland, and
even has battle scars to prove it.


view from the top of CityTeam. right next door is the Oakland Police Department, which was vandalized on 4th of July by Occupy people. 3 blocks down some people got shot in a commotion yesterday.

people waiting for food bank bags. It surprised me how insistent they were, even to the point of grabbing things out of the volunteers hands…just to sell it to their friends around the corner.

some of the guys at CityTeam for our A’s game on 4th of July. After almost being jipped by the person who gave us the tickets, we were able to enjoy the game. Go A’s!!

picnic with CityTeam Oakland, SF, and San Jose. We won all the games and hauled in most of the raffle prizes!! Love these guys!!

One of our good friends, Eric Lee, getting baptized by Pastor Ben McBride. 3 others were baptized today at the lake.

4th of July tailgate party with the CityTeam guys before the A’s game!! The rest of the night was spent watching fireworks being blasted off from East Oakland. The night sky was lit up, literally. Sure beat the crowds of Pier 39.


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