Bringing Shalom to the City….

stories from CityTeam International in Oakland, CA

BayUp 2012 Begins!

Hello Family and Friends!!

This is Samuel Garcia from UC Merced blogging about me and my team’s experiences this summer through a program called BayUp 2012 with InterVarsity USA! This summer I will be having a team of two CSU Chico students  (Corrie Emmons and Jordan Williams) joining me, as we will be posting our thoughts, reflections, pictures, and experiences of our time here in Oakland.

In our short time here we have been assigned to a ministry site called CityTeam International, an organization dedicated to helping get homeless men and addicts off of the streets. Please continue praying for us throughout our stay, as we get to see what God is doing in their lives.

I believe that in the midst of the brokenness and hoplessness that some of these people’s lives entail, that God does indeed have something deep and profound to speak into them.  In the process I think I’m learning that He has something to speak in to me, too.

Our Urban Project will begin on June 15-July 29.  We won’t have any access to phones and just time to post blogs online, but if you want to write to us, the address is:

722 Washington Street
Oakland, CA, 94607

Also, for those in the Bay Area, we will be having a Family and Friends Visitor’s Day on July 14th.  So come check out what we’re doing if you’re around.  More details to come soon!

We are excited for this and hope you can join us in support and in prayer through our posts and reflections in these next few weeks!

CityTeam International in Oakland, CA


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